An ambiance serene and calm, with medicated plants and rare herbs, where the air carries the scent of tulsi ,and neem , YOU AND NATURE Ayuryoga resort, an experience of unwinding the inner self and taking a rebirth. Its Ayurveda the forgotten way. Its nature in its big hearted abundance.!


Positive focused thoughts are much more powerful than negative confused thoughts.No external technology can control surging imotions and imaginations.Yoga balances, harmonizes, purifies and strengthens the body, mind and soul. It shows the way to perfect health, perfect mind control and perfect peace with one's own self, the world, nature .


When the body perishes, the life force (prana) departs and the light of truth cannot be attained. Good health is a valuable asset to man. It bestows happiness and prosperity . Health is essential to happiness. It includes the full development of physical,mental and spiritual power of man.


Kerala is famous for its magnificent natural environment, extending from the palm forests and backwaters to the tea plantations around Munnar. Welcome to God's own country.

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